Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Wila Instant Water Boiling Systems

Wila advocates the principles of advanced technology and high quality of boiled water and hot water equipment. Wila Water Boiler is the masterpiece in commercial water boiler industry by infiltrating Japanese technologies and has consolidated its position in the middle and high-end markets. The widespread application of Wila in Olympic venues, governmental office buildings, airports, hospitals and colleges and universities ascertained its leading position in the industry. In 2009, it was awarded as the National Leading Enterprise in Energy Conservation.

Wila Water Dispenser

World advanceda technology allowing you to enjoy world-class quality of drinking water

  1. Adopting step-feed and layer-by-layer heating technology, which can effectively prevent problems such as mixing boilied and un-boilied water due to the traditional float-ball valve control. By adopting microcomputer control system, water is boilied only once, and eliminates the problem of repeated boiling and continuous "bubbling evaporation" in multi-tank type water dispensers. This ensures healthy drinking water is provided.
  2. Wila is the first brand using an LCD microprocessor to set the operation schedule, to avoid unnecessary energy consumption in non-operating hours by 50%. By adopting individual compartment heating, it greatly minimized hear loss by 60% if compared with traditional water dispensers.
  3. Five safety designs such as anti-leakage, anti-dry heating, anti-flame, lid lock and steam proofing. In case of abnormality or fault, the system can determine the possible cause and switch into protection mode. Error information will be displayed with alarm, together with automatic switch-off of the heating compartment.
  4. High quality low carbon stainless steel elaborately chosen in over 50 years, resists high temperature and vapor corrosion and is firm and durable.
  5. Precise Temperature Adjustment (40°C-99°C)
  6. Ultra-thin design with only 19cm thick for specific models.

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