Monday, May 12, 2014

Everpure Purifier 水淨化產品

Everpure Technology – Purely More Efficient
Everpure sets the standard for water filtration. Our filter membrane has nearly six times the filtering surface area of carbon filters, so it's like packing nearly six filters into one canister.

And unlike solid carbon block filtration systems, our technology's accordion-folded filter membrane is covered on both sides with a very fine activated carbon coating called Micro-Pure®. Our combination of accordion-folded membrane and Micro-Pure coating results in incredibly consistent performance. What’s more, our exclusive precoat filtration removes off-tastes, odors and particles as small as one half-micron in size—including lead and asbestos. Making your drinking water as clean and healthy as possible. In fact, some models even offer added protection against VOCs, THMs and MTBE. Others include a bacteriostat to combat the growth of bacteria in the cartridge. In short, our filters are unmatched in the industry for removing contaminants.

Residential Water Filtration Systems From Everpure | From‎

美國Everpure 愛惠浦淨水機是全球最著名的生飲用水處理設備,被美國nsf評定為"第一級生飲用水設備",其micropure(顯微純化)以及precoat(多褶復濾)兩項著名專利淨水技術能使污染的水源通過其濾芯後達到完全淨化,符合生飲標准。

美國愛惠浦Everpure | 優良的家庭用水|淨水機 -

Premium Water Purifier : Everpure

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