Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Breathe easily with the Satechi USB Air Purifier & Fan

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Remember back when office desks had ashtrays built right into them? Me neither, although I’m told they existed. It maybe won’t be long now before they have air purifiers built into them, so I guess we’re making progress. If you’re having trouble writing that into your contract, the Satechi USB Air Purifier and Fan should hold you over.

Proving yet again that there’s no device Satechi can’t bring down to USB size, the USB Air Purifier & Fan removes odors and irritants from any space—such as your office, bedroom or dorm room—while providing a cool and comfortable environment. The travel friendly size makes it easy to take with you for those stuffy hotel room, and you know, now that many airlines are starting to add USB outlets to the seats…well, maybe it’s not that small.

When compressed, the clever device acts as an air purifier, removing odors and particles such as dust, pet dander and allergens from any personal space. When expanded, the product acts as a cooling fan to provide additional ventilation and creates a refreshing space and relief from hot temperatures.

The plug and play USB Air Purifier & Fan is powered and easily recharged via any USB port and is whisper quiet to ensure discreet operation in any environment, especially important when in shared spaces.

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